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1937 February, The Etude Music Magazine - Edward MacDowell

1937 February, The Etude Music Magazine - Edward MacDowell

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This image is an actual scan of the magazine's front cover; and in most cases frameable. Disclaimer: There may be writing on or within the magazine and/or missing pages. For specific details about the magazine you are interested in, please email us at 

1937 February - The Etude Music Magazine - "Edward MacDowell"; appr. 60-70 pages; 10.75"x13.5".  Disclaimer: The price may reflect writing on or within the magazine and/or missing musical piece - page 115. Includes period print advertising. Topics included in this issue: Enesco Talks on Menuhim; How to Become a Better Pianist; The Role of Music in Prisons; A Tour of Early Keyboards Instruments in the Nation's Capital; A Cure for Musicians Cramp; Catering to Americaa Musical Tastes; Richard Wagner's Nibelungen Ring; The Graceful Gavotte; Vocal Freedom and Emotional Poise; Clarity in Organ Playing; Mastering the Even Numbered Positions; Czerny's Many-sided Etude, Number Sixty-five. 

The Etude Music Magazine,  "A Monthly Journal for Teachers, Students, and All Lovers of Music"  was founded in 1883 by US publisher Theodore Presser (who also founded the Music Teachers National Association - MTNA).  Etude Departments/Topics: The World of Music; Records and Radio; Band and Orchestra; Music Extension Study Course; The Teacher's Round Table; Fascinating Pieces for the Musical Home; The Singer's Etude; The Organist's Etude; The Violinist's Etude; Piano Accordion; Question & Answer; The Publisher's Monthly Letter; The Junior Etude; The Music Supervisor's Forum; Organ and Choir Questions; Voice Questions; Violin Questions; Musical Pedagogy; Musical Literature; Music History; Graded Piano Sheet Music; Where Shall I Go To Study; Music and Travel; The Student Bulletin Board; Music Colleges; Music Conservatories; Music Schools.