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Private Teaching - 30 minutes

Private Teaching - 30 minutes

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A private 30-minute "one-on-one" class with Len Rhodes by appointment only; via Skype, zoom or alternative media. Classes include piano, keyboards, music theory, composition, and arranging. Your payment receipt is confirmation of your scheduled class time.

What they say about Len:

"...I admire Len Rhodes not only for his professional achievements, but also for who he is: companion, teacher, inspiration. He has had significant influence upon my life because his guidance has formed in me confidence, commitment; and a love of music... Mr. Rhodes has had incredible faith in me; faith that brought out the best in me, faith that helped me believe in myself. The gift of commitment has enabled me to persevere and develop my talents on my own. The self-assurance and commitment that I have obtained from him have encouraged me to live out my full potential in all areas of my life. These tiny seeds sowed in my adolescence have reaped the everlasting rewards of assurance and dedication...From him I have acquired an appreciation of the arts, a wisdom which otherwise never would have been born within me."
- Leslie Lawhon, Former Student