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About Len Rhodes


On behalf of all those people who have; are, and continue to listen to enjoy and dream when listening to your beautiful music…from all those people who have not acknowledged or thanked you properly…on behalf of them all…“THANK YOU DEEPLY”…what you are doing for mankind is truly immeasurable and sincerely appreciated…A Very Well Done Len. 

 Internationally acclaimed painter, Ted Stourton, Camelot Castle Hotel, Cornwall, England

Maestro, I am so honored you had us up and even more grateful for the chance to see the guy who helped inspire all of it in me. Let’s make a better habit of it and I would love to chat with you about ideas for our record. We have so much musical love to share with the world and we love to share it. Thank you for all you did to help me and my dreams and know I’ll never forget it wherever this musical road leads us. With love and respect.

Sean Hennessy, Hennessy Jazz Sextet

I admire Len Rhodes not only for his professional achievements, but also for who he is: companion, teacher, inspiration. He has had significant influence upon my life because his guidance has formed in me confidence, commitment; and a love of music... The gift of commitment has enabled me to persevere and develop my talents on my own. The self-assurance and commitment that I have obtained from him have encouraged me to live out my full potential in all areas of my life. From him I have acquired an appreciation of the arts, a wisdom which otherwise never would have been born within me.

Leslie Lawhon, Student

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