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Len Rhodes is constantly developing new projects; revitalizing existing projects; and collaborating with other creative minds. Projects include:

UK Organ Concert Tour 2022
Planning is already underway for Len's 2022 UK ORGAN TOUR. Dates and venues will be announced shortly. 

As we recognise and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ralph Vaughan Williams in 2022, I plan to include his work, as well as many of his contemporaries.

Listen to Len's improvisation on "I Vow To Thee My Country" from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Listening with Len Series
In  ‘Listening With Len’ Series, Len seeks to investigate that the conception of music as a language is capable of expressing very definite things - things that have been the common unconscious assumption of composers for the past six-hundred years. Aaron Copland once opined ‘…Is there a meaning to music? My answer to that would be “yes”. Could you say in so many words what the meaning is? My answer to that would be “no”. Therein lies the difficulty.’ This “difficulty” is the subject of the “Listening with Len” Series.

Bethlehem the Journey
A children’s musical based on the birth of Christ. A one hour journey with script and music. Designed for theatre, church, and home use.

Musical adaptation of the classic children’s novel by Charles Kingsley. Designed for film, theatre, and home use.

The Beatles: Their Music and Artistry
An intriguing musical analysis of The Beatles from "Love Me Do" (1962) to "The Long the Winding Road" (1970). Len Rhodes takes you on a journey celebrating the Beatles' innovative approaches - including melody, harmony, counterpoint, rhythm, form and texture, their musical practices and structures; and a historical perspective of the creative process and recording studio practice.  Adapted for the individual or classroom situation.