Ongoing Projects

Len Rhodes continues his creative journey, and always enjoys collaborating with other creative minds. 

Listening with Len Series
Join Len for fascinating journeys exploring the background and history behind various genre. 

Bethlehem! The Journey
A children’s musical based on the birth of Christ.  A one hour journey with script and music. Designed for the theatre and the church.

The Waterbabies
Musical adaptation of the classic children’s novel by Charles Kingsley. Designed for children's theatre.

The Beatles: Their Music and Artistry
An intriguing musical analysis of The Beatles from "Love Me Do" (1962) to "The Long the Winding Road" (1970). Len Rhodes takes you on a journey celebrating the Beatles' innovative approaches - including melody, harmony, counterpoint, rhythm, form and texture, their musical practices and structures; and a historical perspective of the creative process and recording studio practice.  Adapted for the individual or classroom situation.