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Testimonials as Artistic Director, Musical Director, Composer and Arranger - Theatre and Performance

“Thank you for all of your incredible work with us (in both shows, really), and for your patience with me when I take a little bit longer to get something right :). I really appreciate the warmth and supportive energy that you bring to the room; we’d all be lost without you (or at least on different measures and rhythms)! Your better believe those “crisp” consonants tonight are for you! With love, Becca Rowland, 07/22/22 - Man of La Mancha and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

”Len!!! You are such a pure soul. Thank you for all your work and all your help.” - Rey, LDTC 07/22/22 - Man of La Mancha and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

 “Len, I was icy a pleasure working with you! Your presence brightened every rehearsal. Thanks so much, Heather 07/22/22 - Man of La Mancha and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

”Len! Happy Opening! Thank you for all your hard work. - Brittany 07/22/22 - Man of La Mancha and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

"...Congratulations on your discreet and sensitive arrangement – and I liked the left hand fingering!"
Charles Matthews, 6/08/21

"8-Track: The Sounds of the 70s"   Thank you so much...your patience, your kindness, encouragement and support are the only things that got me through these crazy shows. This summer has been so special for me and I'm so grateful for your part of it.  Abby Matsusaka, Lake Dillon Theatre Company, Silverthorne, Colorado, 8/22/21

For Easter Sunday, I was looking for an organ solo version of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" and found yours, and purchased it. Your version does a great job of encompassing the choral and instrumental parts in a very approachable yet complete arrangement.
- Dan Kaufeld, Organist 04/12/20

On behalf of all those people who have; are, and continue to listen to enjoy and dream when listening to your beautiful music…from all those people who have not acknowledged or thanked you properly…on behalf of them all…“THANK YOU DEEPLY”…what you are doing for mankind is truly immeasurable and sincerely appreciated…A Very Well Done Len. 
Internationally acclaimed painter, Ted Stourton, Camelot Castle Hotel, Cornwall, England 04/17/19

Dearest Len, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to meet and work with you!  You are such an accomplished musician and I feel incredibly lucky to have shared a stage with you. Thank you for making the rest of us look good. You are such a lovely human and I hope your 2019 is filled with lots of joy and laughter!
- Emily Dennis, actor/singer, Lake Dillon Theatre Holiday Follies 2018

Len, you are a master at what you do.
- Mark Jeffery, bassist, Lake Dillon Theatre Holiday Follies 12/26/17

Maestro, I am so honored you had us up and even more grateful for the chance to see the guy who helped inspire all of it in me. Let’s make a better habit of it and I would love to chat with you about ideas for our record. We have so much musical love to share with the world and we love to share it. Thank you for all you did to help me and my dreams and know I’ll never forget it wherever this musical road leads us. With love and respect.
 - Sean Hennessy, Hennessy Jazz Sextet, 10/19/17

Len, Thank you for all you do to keep music going in Summit County (and Eagle County as well…)
- Dr. David Korevaar, Professor, College of Music, Univ. of CO, 3/8/2017

I have to give credit to Len. My experience is good interviews make for good features, and he absolutely delivered. I was amazed by Len, his passion and his talents. I loved speaking with him, and he was very kind to me.
- Eli Pace, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Summit Daily News, 2/8/2017

I enjoyed your music today as usual; your spirit is so evident, and is so appropriate for the congregation, as you serve the Lord. Bless you! Thank you Len, for all that you do for ERPC!
- Bob Ravenscroft, Ravenscroft Pianos, 9/11/2016

Len! Thank you so much for being so wonderful this entire week. You were such a delight to work with and it has been an honor and pleasure getting to know you. I hope this is the first of many fun projects for us because I would jump at the opportunity to create with you again! Until next time!
- Tim O'Donnell, Broadway Then & Now, Lake Dillon Theatre, 10/24/2016

Len! Sunday's postlude by Bruckner was over the top! You brought tears to my eyes, your rendition was spectacular. I have since listened to a version on "you tube" and it is just not the same or even close to yours in person. I thank you for bringing joy to our lives with your talent - you are a treasure!
- Mary E. Staby, Handcolored Black and White Photography, 10/21/2013

Thank you again for your help to make our event, American Kaleidoscope, such a great success. Your performance was outstanding. It made the evening!
- Leigh Girvin, Continental Divide Land Trust, 3/20/2013

I enjoyed your fabulous keyboard artistry. It's such a gift. I also thought some of the arrangements the candidates brought were really quite good. Am sure there were those 'Rhodes instincts' kicking in, too... (One Night with Janis Joplin Auditions, New York City)
- Bev Ragovoy, 5/24/2012

Kudos to music arranger Len Rhodes for a nice balance between respectful renderings, and some stellar re-imaginings, in particular a standout Lettermen/Four Seasons-styled medley of Lovin’ Spoonful hits midway through the first act.
- Dan St. Yves, Calgary Herald, 4/19/2012

A show like this, however, would be nothing without the star talent behind the scenes, in this case... I have to give credit to music arranger Len Rhodes, who actually gets third billing in the programme after the creators, which tells you what an important role this plays in a show like this.
- Bethany Kovarik, Calgary Musicals, 4/9/2012

I thought "Janis" was really wonderful. Your charts were really great. Great sound on the band as well. Mucho congratulations.
- Melissa Manchester, 6/25/2011

What an amazing show! The amount of music Len arranged for soloists and 8-piece band is really impressive...(One Night with Janis Joplin, Portland Center Stage).
- Christy Reinking, 6/24/2011

... the arrangements ... and the entire Portland-based band were all terrific. One Night with Janis Joplin is enjoyable from beginning to end (One Night with Janis Joplin, Portland Center Stage).
- Jerry Ragovoy, Songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, 5/28/2011

Dear, dear Len, your warmth and unconditional support has been the light that's guided me through this past month (not to mention teaching me more notes than I could have ever fathomed memorizing). The band and the show sound incredible and everyone knows it's your unbelievable patience and expertise that has guided us there. I feel so, so lucky to know you, and to have gotten the chance to work with you. xxoo - "Janis" (One Night with Janis Joplin, Portland Center Stage)
- Cat Stephani, Singer/Actress, 5/28/2011

Len, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing experience. From the first time I met you, you have been warm and encouraging and I have felt so supported. Congratulations on an incredible show and the begninnings of what is going to be an amazing journey---I can feel it! Happy Opening! With love, Moriah - "Janis" (One Night with Janis Joplin, Portland Center Stage)
- Moriah Angeline, Singer/Actress, 5/28/2011

Saint Rho, you have been such a pleasure to work with and be around. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for believing in me. I hope we get to work together in the future and I am proud to have shared this experience with you. You are one of a kind! Happy Opening! We did it! Marisha - "Blues Singer" (One Night with Janis Joplin, Portland Center Stage)
- Marisha Wallace, Singer/Actress, 5/28/2011

Dear Len, thank you and God bless you in all you do. You are an amazing talent and a kind and generous spirit! It has been my absolute pleasure to work with you and get to know you! Love always! Sabrina - "Blues Singer" (One Night with Janis Joplin, Portland Center Stage)
- Sabrina Elayne Carten, Singer, 5/28/2011

Thank you for providing such lovely music for our father's service. Music was so important to our dad. He truly enjoyed your playing...we know he would have appreciated your music...
- Family of Karl Garnhart, 4/16/2007

Thank you so much for contributing and sharing your creative gift in writing original music for my Installation Service...I heard many complimentary comments about your playing, the music, your presence and especially about the spectacular postlude...
- Rev. John Thompson, District Superintendent, 10/15/2005

Music isn't right or wrong...music is what you believe in...(Len Rhodes interview)
- Carol Lynne Levin, Contributor, The Denver Post, 5/12/1998

Len Rhodes does a fine job as both musical director and as accompanist...(I Do! I Do, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs)
- Mark Arnest, Gazette Telegraph Arts Critic, 9/15/1995

Thank you for the lovely music which you provided...your piano music lent a beautiful ambiance to the event (private arts fundraiser).
- Joan Bliss-Pollack, Executive Director, Colorado Springs Dance Theatre, 3/22/1995

I really feel the need to put into writing how much I admire your tremendous abilities. The show was a success - obviously the kids gave their all and the team of helpers too but the magic and inspiration was all yours. It was a very fortunate day for Wittersham when you and Sandy moved in! May the magic continue...
- Liz Moyes, 2/20/1992

Director Len Rhodes, creator of the Oxney Theatre Centre, added fine sound effects including wailing air-raid sirens follow-up by birdsong. Rhodes... taught the young cast admirably to characterize their roles, speak well and move effectively on stage and to put over the song...numbers enjoyably (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Kent, England).
- Margaret Sillwood, Kentish Express Arts Critic, 2/6/1992

Mr. Leonard Rhodes recently served as a judge in our Musicianship Repertoire Festival. His critiques were insightful and covered a wide range of musical considerations. The teachers found that his critiques not only provided a clear evaluation of each student's performance in the festival, but also provided excellent suggestions for future musical development. He noted the strong points of each performance and addressed weaknesses in a sympathetic, encouraging way.
- Cheryl Harris, Bay Area Music Teachers Association, 5/17/1992

The soundtrack was immaculately arranged, performed and recorded by Len Rhodes...
- Jenny Balow, Kentish Express, Kent UK, 2/20/1992

Thank you so much for your work on the Choirgirl session, and for the wonderful arrangements...(BBC's Choirgirl of the Year)
- Michael Roberts, BBC Editor, Good Morning Sunday, 11/6/1991

Thank you very much indeed on behalf of NCH, for stepping into the breach so wonderfully last night...everyone I spoke with afterwards said what a lovely concert it was... Patron: HM the Queen. President: The Rt Hon The Viscount Tonypandy, PC
- Jean Trend, Celebrity Assistant for National Children's Home UK (1869), 12/19/1990

...I especially appreciate your creativity and flexibility in working with us. Your creative input helped give both our projects the sparkle and life I was looking for...(Don't Burn Down the Birthday Cake and I Like Me).
- Joseph G. Wayman, Author, 9/6/1989

Len Rhodes composed, arranged and directed the atmospheric incidental music (A Christmas Carol, Alley Theatre, Houston).
- William Albright, Houston Post Critic, 11/27/1989

Rhodes' song and almost continuous musical underscoring owe a lot to the tradition of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Rhodes' best songs are wonderful....if Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice had gotten there first, "Pericles" ...might have been called "Pericles Superstar" (The Adventures "Musical" of Pericles, Virgina Shakespeare Festival). 
- Roy Proctor, The Richmond News Leader Arts Editor, 7/20/1988

Len Rhodes scores big with his original music. Composer Len Rhodes has put the final touches to a major original musical score titled The Adventures of Pericles, commissioned by the Virginia Shakespeare Festival in honor of its 10th anniversary...The score has 40 major songs for the large cast and chorus. Actually, it is opera proporations, totaling 300 pages of music (The Adventures "Musical" of Pericles, Virgina Shakespeare Festival).
- Marge Crumbacher, The Houston Post, 6/8/1988

Rhodes' score of non-stop music contained pleasant musical phrases such as the theme that represented Pericles' daughter. And there was variety as well, with orchestration that borrowed from blues, pop, and musical theatre.. A British native, Rhodes paid homage to composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in some passages (The Adventures "Musical" of Pericles, Virgina Shakespeare Festival).
- David Nicholson, Staff Writer The Times Herald, 7/20/1988

Congratulations on the splendid work you did in BEEHIVE; the music, and indeed, the whole production were first rate (Beehive, Alley Theatre).
- Jim Bernhard, Alley Theatre Interim Artistic Director, Houston, 8/23/1988

...The theatricality of the concept, the contemporary feeling of the music, and the truth to Shakespeare's treatment of romance, added up to an exciting evening...(The Adventures "Musical" of Pericles"). --Original Score and Musical Composition by Len Rhodes
- G.Leslie Muchmore, Artistic Director, Virginia Shakespeare Festival, 9/1/1988

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, efforts, and expense to help Rotary International's Worldwide POLIO PLUS Project.
Bill Griffith, President of Sugar Land Rotary Club, 9/22/1987

The score is like a soundtrack...The overture is a pretty impressive affair, with a full orchestral sound, not just piano and flute (Salonika, Stages Repertory Theater, Houston).
- William Albright, Houston Post Theater Critic, 8/25/1987

Musical director Len Rhodes has everyone in fine form (Personals, Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston).
- Bill O'Rourke, Montrose Voice Houston Live, 6/19/1987

Fine keyboardist...Musical Director Len Rhodes...at Saturday's opening performance (Personals, Stage Repertory Theatre, Houston).
- William Albright, Houston Post Theater Critic, 6/18/1987

Music Director and pianist Len Rhodes...keeps the music percolating throughout (Nite Club Confidential, Stages Repertory Theater, Houston).
- William Albright, The Houston Post Theater Critic, 12/1/1987

Skillful musical direction by Len Rhodes fast-pacees us through the mostly forgettable (with the exception of a few standards) '50's music (Nite Club Confiential, Stages Repertory Theater, Houston).
- Buzz Belmont, Reviewer for Public News, 12/2/1987

Len Rhodes led the fine four-member band from the grand piano (Leader of the Pack, Stages Repertory Theater, Houston).
- William Albright, The Houston Post Theater Critic, 12/9/1986

Dear Len, no amount of thanks could cover the effort that you have put into this show. Now the last direction - be happy, its good...its good thanks to you! I look forward to the time when I can offer you a job in a proper musical which we can work on from square one. You're a great talent! Enjoy the run. All thanks and love...
- Jeff Galligan, Director ~ Marat Sade, 1/30/1986

Musical Director Len Rhodes' four-man combo play Elizabeth Swados' fanciful score brilliantly (Doonesbury, Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston).
- Richard F. Tuthill, Public News Reviewer, 3/1/1986

Len Rhodes' four-man combo player Swados' whimsically eclectic score effervescently (Doonesbury, Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston).
- William Albright, Houston Post Theater Critic, 3/1/1986

There is quite a bit of music in this story of insanity and control. Musical Director Len Rhodes deserves applause for the manic clarity of the delivery (Marat/Sade, Main Street Theatre, Houston).
- Robert Gibbons, Public News Reviewer, 2/6/1986

Len Rhodes leads the four-piece band in a lively performance of Richard Peaslee's evocative score (Marat/Sade, Main Street Theatre, Houston).
- Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, 2/1/1986

Songwriter-pianist Len Rhodes, who moved here from London, has his composition out on Paylode, the label of Comstock Records of Kansas...titled "Special Lady - She Won't Show.
- Marge Crumbacher, The Houston Post, 11/24/1985

My Special Lady" written by Len Rhodes, was played on 130 stations across the country...Len Rhodes, a bright and talented producer...
- Brian Ross, Starborn Records International, 12/15/1985

Testimonials as Music Director - Choir and Performance Groups
Len embodies and projects the very core of what is taught in sermons.  He is a true gift, musically and spiritually, he brings with him the very meaning of community, the sharing and the depth of belonging to a church.
- Lee May, choir member 10/08/19

My fellow musicians. First of all thank you Len for composing such a beautiful flute part! I truly felt transported by the Holy Spirit!  I still have chills and the memory of all the wonderful melodies! I feel blessed to have been part of such an amazing and joyous musical experience ! Merry Christmas to all! Musically yours
- Nancy Wright 12/18/17

I don't know where to start Len.  So, I'll just say thank you for bringing so much joy to us as choir members and the congregation as well.
- Don Mock 12/18/17

Thank you, Len, for giving us all the opportunity to perform such a wonderful Christmas piece together. Your talent, energy, enthusiasm pushed us all along, and for that we are grateful. Many of us commented afterwards that it was just plain fun to watch you during the performance because you were enjoying the performance so much yourself. It was a very uplifting night, and a wonderful way to get into this final week of Advent.
- Martha Petrie 12/18/17

Thank you Len, for all you have brought and given to the music we make at ERPC.  It is a joy to be a part of it. 
- Ruth Powers 12/18/17

I want to thank you for the musical gifts you bring to our church from music in church, praise team and choir.  We are truly blessed!  I heard so many wonderful comments about our “Tapestry of Light”.  I thanked the men who made the video and one commented: “I have made many videos but this is the best I have ever heard”.  Brought tears to my eyes to see how everyone appreciated the program.  - Sandi Agneburg 12/18/17

Len and Sandy, Thanks to you for all your hard work your amazing talents and your dedication to our group. We are so lucky to have you!
- Cindy Allard 12/18/17

Thank you for a beautiful concert that moved me to tears! It was such a lovely celebration with an amazing group of people.  Len, your talent is absolutely overwhelming! I’m glad I could share a small part of this, as I thought the bells being there was a great little addition- but mostly because of my seat position, I was in a unique spot to enjoy the music just washing over me from all directions, and also to be able to see how much the audience loved it. What a spectacular evening. Thank you all for your truly wonderful musical gifts!
- Marrit Zoll, ERPC Director of Children’s Ministry 12/18/17

What more can I say! You are all a blessing and a joy to ERPC.  I look forward to future musical times with all of you.
- Pat Huck 12/18/17

I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful the concert was.....everyone was just raving about the performance.  I think you and the choir should go on the road.
- Nora Frylund 12/26/17

Just a small note of thanks. Thank you as the praise team has never sounded so good.
- Nora Fryklund, 12/10/17

The choir's anthem today touched my heart.
- ERPC congregational member, 12/10/17

....Just wanted you to know how good the choir sounded today.  Thanks for a beautiful, sensitive performance!
- Jim Spiker, 04/09/17

The opportunity and challenge you are giving us to perform this piece is such an amazing gift Len. Thank you so much! (Ref: The Crucifixion by John Stainer)
- Don Mock, Choir Member, 2/22/2017

Len, thank you for all that you do for our Church and especially the Choir. You are a great leader and a true inspiration to me.
- Shirley Petersmeyer, 3/6/2016

Hi Len, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy singing with you, and how much I appreciate your musicianship. You find a wonderful balance between discipline and fun. ERPC is so fortunate to have you as music director. Thank you for all you do.
- Jim Rissier, 12/6/2015

Dear Len...from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all you did for LOTM. You were a gift to us. When you arrived we were barely a surviving choir. Under your leadership we became a source of pride and joy. Along with that was Summit Music and Arts, restoring our organ, and elevating the role of music in our worship. Furthermore, I saw my bell choir increase it's quality as. music-oriented people - brought to LOTM through your leadership - and expressed interest in the bells too. And...you are a kind and generous person. Thank you for all you are and do! With respect, admiration, and gratitude...
- Christy Reinking, 7/31/2014

For you, and the wonderful talents you share to enrich my worship at St. Paul's. The music is the finest part of the worship for me (next to the scriptures). Your gifts from God are a true blessing to me - bringing deep spiritual moments. Keep the music sounding sweet in my ears and treasured in my heart.
- Marje Swearingen 2008

I wish I could find a way to thank you for all that you did... It was a pleasure to sing under your direction. Your ease in working with others seemed to come so naturally - what a special talent that is!
- Jan Sidie, 9/1/2008

I want you to know I don't want you to ever think about leaving this choir as Director. You are the best thing that ever happened...you are so talented and devoted.
- Marie Suter, 5/21/2008

We continually praise God for the gifts he's given you; and you share with all of us so lovingly. You are special.
- Marilyn & Craig Fink, 1/12/2008

We were successful! We were really quite good! But, most importantly, we were a team! We owe that to you! Your leadership! Your support! Your patience! Your dedication! Great Job!
- Susan and Butch Bancroft, 12/12/2007

Thank you for the extra effort you have put in these last several months. Between your recital, the youth dinner, recruiting a sound crew, and the extra things while I've been gone - you've been very busy. You're the best!
- Pastor Mark Johnson, 11/15/2007

Thank you so much for sharing your blessed talent as our pianist for the Festival of Faith. May God continue to bless you and your music.
- Darlene Woods & Rev. Olan M. Lindemood, 11/11/2007

Thanks so much for including me in the Rally Day Jazz Concert. It was a blast for me and an honor to be in the company of real musicians...I'm going to try to keep improving with the clarinet so we can do more music making in the furture.
- Mark, 9/10/2007

Thank you so much for all you do with our youth and church. The youth really look up to you...they are having so much fun with the musical you found. Thanks for sharing your faith through your music!
- Pam Covert, 11/14/2007

Thank you very much for your work this year with our chamber groups. Your work was invaluable and greatly appreciated by all of us at YCA.
- Nancy Zepf, Young Concert Artists, 5/20/2007

Testimonials as Educator and Mentor
Thank you again so much for offering this incredible opportunity for the young composers in our mountain community!  What a wonderful experience for them to get on stage and perform their composition in front of an audience.
- Suzie Windsor

Maestro, I am so honored you had us up and even more grateful for the chance to see the guy who helped inspire all of it in me. Let’s make a better habit of it and I would love to chat with you about ideas for our record. We have so much musical love to share with the world and we love to share it. Thank you for all you did to help me and my dreams and know I’ll never forget it wherever this musical road leads us. With love and respect.
- Sean Hennessy, Hennessy Jazz Sextet, 10/19/17

Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us individually.
- Rachel Tamayo 04/29/17 

Len, thanks so much for your encouragement, what I have learned so far is way beyond my expectations when I started this effort. It has been frustrating at times, but overwhelmingly rewarding. I have already adopted the mind set that this is going to be a life long journey. Not hurrying to reach a particular destination, but enjoying the ride along the way. I truly am grateful to have you as my teacher. Thank YOU Maestro!
- Tim Panczak, 12/14/2016

 Again, another superb master class presentation for and with my studio exam candidates. Preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music, Music Development Program examinations in May 2013 is made just that much easier with your in depth work with the students this past Friday. The next 30 days will be a positive trip to make with your excellent work behind them. Thanks so much from the kids, the parents and me!!
- Dixie L Shipp-Napier, Royal Conservatory of Music Representative, 4/21/2013

Dear Mr. Rhodes, I'd like to thank you very much for holding this competition (Pikes Peak Young Composers) every year. Your competition gives me the chance to share my hard work, and love of music through my compositions. This is so important to me and to other kids like me.
- Stella G. Gitelman Willoughby, Composer, 6/9/2011

Dear Len, I am so proud to know you and to have a resource to turn to as my students go up the ladder in their musical training...Once again, thank you so much for being such a wonderful person and musician!!!
- Dixie Shipp-Napier, Teacher, 5/9/2009

I love having you as my piano teacher.
- Cara Galletta, 12/23/2008

I can't tell you how much I've missed our Tuesday lessons. Everytime I practice I try and think about what you would say when I'm struggling. It has been a joy to study under you and I look forward to this new year and the summer, so we can make some strong progress.
- Andrew Molina, 12/15/2008

Thanks for everything you do and all your support.
- Brent Hawpe, 11/4/2008

I can honestly say that my life has changed because you were my teacher...such as the beauty of music and what you can learn from it. You are truly a wonderful teacher and I feel confident in saying that you are an inspiration to everyone you meet. Music will always continue to be a part of my life because you placed it in my heart. You have helped me mature into someone that I never dreamed of being. Thank you for these nine years of learning...
- Olivia Galletta, 2/2/2008

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend your Composer's Workshop. This class will aide me in fulfilling my deams and goals towards a career in music. I am truly grateful. Please know that I would not have been given this chance had it not been for your generosity. I will forever be appreciative of your kindness.
- Breanna McWilliams, 8/1/2008

How fortunate are these young musicians to have you for their mentor. My prayers will be with each of you as you share the talents God has given and bring joy to yourselves and those who hear you play.
- Marje Swearingen, 5/21/2008

I greatly appreciate you for pushing me to my potential only to expand it a whole lot more. I know I'm ready to go off and make something of myself. You are more than just a teacher to me; you are a mentor and a friend. Apart from my parents, I know I can look up to you.
- Shawn Werner, 5/22/2008

I've really learned a lot taking lessons from you these years. Thanks for inspiring me to stick with piano.
- Clare Hovenge, 5/12/2008

I appreciate your having met with me before the concert for the Pikes Peak Young Composer's Competition. I found your insight regarding musical careers and the musical theater business interesting and useful. More importantly, I want to thank you for putting so much effort into organizing the competition. I will recommend it to my fellow composers.
- Stephen Feigenbaum, Composer, 6/2/2006

Mr. Rhodes - once again, I have to thank you for holding such a great event. Before hearing about the Pikes Peak Young Composers Competition I had a major desire to begin to seriously compose music, but I had a difficult time finding the motivation needed to finish any of my projects. The competition made me set a goal for finishing my string quartet, and I held to it, and the result turned out wonderfully. I very much enjoyed being at the concert and meeting the other people who were attending and organizing.
- Andy Ralston, 5/22/2006

With so many thanks for the guidance and inspiration and the great music that is in our home. I look forward to many years with you. Your concerts and your students are magificant. Many hugs!
- Spencer & Marie Briggs, 5/6/2006

On behalf of the Music Teachers National Association, we would like to thank you for serving as a presenter of "Teaching Composition in the Private Music Studio" at the 2005 MTNA National Conference in Seattle.
- Gary L Ingle, Executive Director MTNA, 4/20/2005

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your wonderful students. I don't know when I have had so much fun. You have done amazing work building that program (Pikes Peak Young Composers Competition). -- Patricia
- Patricia Gray, PhD, Associated Colleges of the South, Instrumental Technology Specialist, 7/20/2005

Mr. Rhodes - Thank you for your encouragement through the Pikes Peak Young Composers Competition. I thought you might like to see how my compositions have turned out (Skeeter the Squirrel presents "A Musical Adventure" by Allan Herberger)
- Alan Herberger, Composer, 7/20/2005

...thank you for your wonderful presentation of "Teaching Composition in the Private Music Studio"...comments were positive...and the information will be put to good use in our studios.
- Janet Armstrong, PPMTNA Vice President, 11/24/2003

It is my honor to inform you that you have been chosen to receive the 2002 Pikes Peak Arts Council/Arts Business and Education Award for your work with the Young Composer's Competition. Congratulations!
Eve Tilley, President of Pikes Peak Arts Council, 3/17/2003

I am your favorite son. I think that what you do, working so hard for us, is heroic. Thank you for your heroism. It is very thoughtful and unselfish. You have influenced my life by inspiring me to be a hard worker and a helpful person. When I get older, I hope to be as good as you in many different things. Thank you very much. - age 13
- Charlie Rhodes, 3/21/2002

What a beautiful program for the Young Composers Competition...I am so proud of you and all the young musicians. The music is outstanding and it is amazing what they are doing...Thank you for making a difference in so many lives! Hugs and Sprinkles...
- Mary Mashburn, Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration, 5/1/2001

Thank you again for your outstanding efforts on the Pikes Peak Young Composers Competition. It is an enormous encouragement to so many students - and to the adults.
- Fawn Bell, 5/6/2000

I admire Len Rhodes not only for his professional achievements, but also for who he is: companion, teacher, inspiration. He has had significant influence upon my life because his guidance has formed in me confidence, commitment; and a love of music... Mr. Rhodes has had incredible faith in me; faith that brought out the best in me, faith that helped me believe in myself. The gift of commitment has enabled me to persevere and develop my talents on my own. The self-assurance and commitment that I have obtained from him have encouraged me to live out my full potential in all areas of my life. These tiny seeds sowed in my adolescence have reaped the everlasting rewards of assurance and dedication...From him I have acquired an appreciation of the arts, a wisdom which otherwise never would have been born within me. 01/01/90
- Leslie Lawhon, Former Student, 1/1/1990