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"Mother Goose" suite for piano solo.

Now available: Ravel's "Mother Goose" ("Ma Mère l’Oye") suite - in a new interpretation for piano solo. I have created a continuous work by writing...

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Keyboard arrangements include piano solos, easy piano solos, piano duets, piano trios (for six hands) as well as organ solos.

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Len Rhodes Music offers arrangements for weddings, funerals and memorials as well as the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

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Len Rhodes is a pianist, organist, music director, artistic director, composer, arranger, educator and mentor.

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Perfect Pitch for You, A New Dictionary of Composers, and Teaching Composition in the Private Music Studio are all downloadable on this site.

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The Len Rhodes Music online store offers downloadable sheet music arrangements and transcriptions for piano, organ, strings, brass, woodwinds, ense...

Testimonial - Sean Hennessy, Trumpeter & Film Composer

Maestro, I am so honored you had us up and even more grateful for the chance to see the guy who helped inspire all of it in me. Thank you for all y...

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Carefully researched and musically inspiring arrangements and transcriptions for any period and genre including original music...

Testimonial - Eli Pace, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Summit Daily News

I have to give credit to Len. My experience is good interviews make for good features, and he absolutely delivered. I was amazed by Len, his passio...