Bach - Wachet Auf (Sleepers Wake)

Wachet Auf, BWV 645, also known as "Sleepers Wake", commissioned by Anne Akiko Meyers and featuring on her 2023 CD release ‘Mysterium’, and arranged for solo violin and organ by Len Rhodes. The opening is considered one of Bach's most recognizable themes. 

Recent Amazon Review of ‘Mysterium’This production is brilliant and musically sweet! The tone and dynamic range of the Ex-Vieauxtemps Guarneri Del Gesu, 1741 is incomparable, rated by many experts as the best sounding violin in the world, and is most responsive to the genius touch of Violin Maestro Anne Akiko Meyers; who, once again, amply demonstrates her unique typical elegance of violin performance in this new recording. She is well supported in this album with four world premiere compositions, all created with musically splendorous instrumental accompaniment on the pipe organ by Jaebon Huang and vocally eloquent talents of the LA Master Chorale. BRAVO performance, everyone.

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