Gnossiennes no. 3, Erik Satie - arranged for piano duet

Satie - Gnossiennes no. 3, transcribed for piano duet. The melodic line is shared between the hands in the upper part - I have included the acciaccatura's, but these can be omitted if too challenging. Bar 24- 34 is an example of Satie's innovative new scales, in this case a simple six-note scale, constructed with the notes from the E minor and F# major triad chords.

The lower player has the chord progression, as Satie intended, only shared between the hands.

Arranger's note: Erik Satie often added whimsical instructions to his music: "Light as an egg", "Here comes the lantern",  "Open your head","Muffle the sound", "Work it out yourself", etc.  I have included, and translated, those he applied to this piece.

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