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Trois Gnossiennes, Erik Satie - Piano duet

Satie - Trois Gnossiennes for piano transcribed by Len Rhodes, and available for piano duet. The three pieces have been perfectly arranged for the late elementary/early intermediate pianist on the higher part (primo); and a teacher or more advanced pianist on the lower part (secundo).

In no. 1. the melodic line is shared between the hands in the upper part - I have included the acciaccatura's, but these can be omitted if too challenging. The lower player has the chord progression, as Satie intended, only shared between the hands.

In no. 2, the melodic line is doubled in the upper part (hands an octave apart). The lower part has the chord progression.

In no. 3, the melodic line is again shared between the hands in the upper part - the few acciaccatura's are included, but these can be omitted if too challenging. Bar 24- 34 is an example of Satie's innovative new scales, in this case a simple six-note scale, constructed with the notes from the E minor and F# major triad chords.

Arranger's note: Erik Satie would often add 'humourous' instructions to his music: "Light as an egg", "Here comes the lantern",  "Open your head","Muffle the sound", "Work it out yourself", etc.  I have included, and translated, those he applied to these pieces.

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