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Composer Dictionary

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The complete A to Z composer dictionary, with over 5,000 composers listed chronologically and alphabetically. Simply download this wonderful resource onto your computer or laptop - instant information!
Musicians, music teachers, students, and music lovers have all told me how much they enjoy this amazing reference!

Thousands of questions can be answered with this reference book..."for less than the cost of a hamburger"... wrote one enthusiastic purchaser!
A tremendous way to establish composer anniversaries, and composer festivals.
Did you know the first husband of Yoko Ono is a Japanese composer? 

Toshi Ichiyanagi, born in 1933 in Japan is amongst those listed!

Continually updated, this latest edition of April 17th 2021, is 129 pages.
Please take a moment to read the "Preface" in the accompanying image for clarification of the contents of this reference.
    This book (in a slightly earlier edition) is also available in a paperback edition through Amazon.