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Rêverie, Debussy - Flute and Piano

Rêverie, Debussy - Flute and Piano

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In 1890, Debussy sold five piano pieces of which some may have been composed much earlier. These pieces were: ‘Rêverie’, ‘Ballade Slave’, ‘Tarentelle Styrienne’, ‘Valse Romantique’ and ‘Nocturne’. The actual publication of ‘Rêverie’ did not occur until April 1905 at which time, Debussy wrote to the publisher Fromont: “It was a mistake to bring out the ‘Rêverie’. It is an unimportant work which was written in a hurry…It is a work of no consequence and I absolutely consider it no good.” To this day, many listener’s first “encounter” with the music of Claude Debussy has been through the hearing of his ‘Rêverie’!

In this new arrangement for flute and piano, Len Rhodes brings out the beauty of the melody of ‘Rêverie’, assigned to the flute; whilst the piano reveals the composer’s unusual harmonies.

Download contains piano score and separate flute part.